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Map Builder 4.1

Create maps in GTA V using custom Map Builder objects. 3D assets come in all shapes and sizes with various texture options. (walls, floors, foundations, windows, furniture, terrains, blocks, spheres, designer, and more)

– OpenIV
– ScriptHook V
– ScriptHook V .NET
– Map Editor or Menyoo or CodeWalker
– Object Spawn Unlocker (optional)

Note: Additional requirements such as a custom gameconfig, heap adjuster, or packfile limit adjuster may be required if your game crashes.


v4.1 : Discovery Content (Redux Version)
– Discovery Content (673 Models Included)
– Singleplayer, RageMP, and FiveM support.

v4.0 : Map Builder IV (Redux Version)
– Map Builder IV Redux (old version compatibility)
– Tested and working.


v4.00 : Map Builder IV
– 126 New Objects
– World Creator, Interior Design 2, & 2X Objects Updates Included
– Extra! MBIV ObjectList
– 39% Storage Requirement Deduction
– Custom RPF File Updates (Speed Increase / Extraction Boost)
– ReadMe + Folder Updates + Improvements


v3.2.4: Patch 10
– Updated for latest GTA V update
– Updated backups
– Map Builder IV Coming Soon!

v3.2.3 : Patch 09
– Removed invalid props
– Fixed ObjectList bug
– Updated Backup Files

v3.2.2 : Patch 08
– Updated Map Builder For Latest GTA V Update

v3.2.1 : Patch 07
– Updated ObjectLists

v3.2.0 : Project Recode
Some of the following updates are in ALPHA and may not work correctly:
– Recoded “def_props.ytyp” Definition Entries From Scratch
– Added “_manifest.ymf” For Map Builder Objects
– Added Clip Dictionary Support For Map Builder Objects
– Removed Locked Hash Codes (.ytyp/.ymf Are Now Readable)
– Every Drawable Object Now Has Its Own High Resolution Texture Dictionary
– Add Custom Textures To Any Object Using Texture Dictionary
– Added Water/Fire VFX
– Added “44” New Objects Featured By @emme10
– Removed “12” Objects From Map Builder
– Fixed Invalid/Invisible Object Bug
– Fixed dlclist.xml Bug
Known Bugs:
– A few of @emme10’s objects are invalid
Special thanks to @emme10 and all of my patrons over at

v3.1.6 : Version Updates
– Updated For Latest GTA V Version
– Updated Backup Files
– Various Bug Fixes

v3.1.5 : Patch 06
-New Props!

v3.1.4 : Version Update
-Updated For Latest GTA V Version
-Pre-Updated For 2 Future GTA V Patches
-Updated Backup/Uninstall

v3.1.3 : OpenIV Thank You
-New OpenIV Props!

-ReadMe Directions Update
-How To Use Added To ReadMe
-Removed Menyoo Support Due To Shut Down
-For Offline Single-Player Mode Only!

v3.1.1 : Menyoo Support
-Menyoo PropList Added (Backup & Extras)

New Props: (Get More At
-Updated Text Files

-Fixes for latest GTA V update

v3.0.7 : Welcome Back!
-Limited Version Updates
-Content Log Added
-Troubleshoot Guide Added
-How To Uninstall Added
-Backups Added
-Full vs Limited Added

v3.0.6 : –
-Changed code to make Map Builder independent from other dlcpacks
-Minor bug fixes & improvements

v3.0.5 : –
-Map Builder code updates for latest GTA V version.

v3.0.2 : Map Builder 3
-Added Backup “dlclist.xml” File
-Further Instructions For Installing The Mod Successfully
-Required Install Through “mods” Folder

v3.0.1 : Map Builder 3
-MB2 Backwards Compatibility Update

v3.0 : Map Builder 3
What’s New:
-MB3 GTA V DLC Patch
-Map Builder 3 Guided Installation
-Objects Added via DLC
-Renamed Props
-Texture Packs Implemented As One
-Corrected JSON Code Scripting
-Increased Standard Draw Distance
-Random Prop Spawning Bug Eliminated
-Removed ObjectSpawnUnlocker Requirement
-MB3 Map Updating Tutorial (with video)
-Object Hash Codes List For Spawner
-Improved Natural Grass Texture
New Objects:
-Midnight Grass


v2.3 : Patch 05 + MB2E
-Updated For Latest GTA V Update
-Added Multiplayer Stunt Props (ObjectList)
-Completely Reworked The Mod
-MB2E Launch (Map Builder + Preload + ObjectList)
-Troubleshoot Guide Added
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
-Removed “How To Install” video to free memory (can be found on Map Builder page)
-Removed “Preview” folder (will return in the future)
-Removed “Valid ObjectList” from custom lists
-Replaced “Auto Backup” with “Uninstall Map Builder” instructions
-Updated “DLC List” & other text files for MB2E
-Fixed random prop spawning bug
-Fixed double layer texture bug
-Fixed rainbow effect bug
-Fixed GPU rendering bug
-Reduced memory usage
-Ability to place more props without lag
-Increased loading speed of user created maps
-Changed texture compression formats
-Fixed distance rendering bugs
-Changed 4K textures to Full RGB 1080p
-Changed pixel dimensions to match RAGE Engine
-Error Codes 163/170/183/190 added
-Improved user experience

v2.2.2 : Map Builder Forums
-Go check out the community forums and make a post!

v2.2.1 : Patch 04
-Preload Updates
-Further Support For 2.2
-Major Bug Fixes (including random prop spawning)

v2.2 : Finished Walls Update
-(3) Finished Wall / Trim
-Bump & Reflection Mapping
-13x Layer Compression
-ObjectList Updated
-Mod Folder Backup Directions
(new objects have been added to “Map Builder 2” file)

v2.1 : Futuristic Texture Pack
-Future.OIV (Easy Install DLC)
-(25) Futuristic Textures For Current Objects
-Support For Mod Folder Installation
-Featured Maps Launch (Winner June 2016)
-2.1 Video Added via YouTube
-“How To Install” HD (Directory)
-“Workshop” removed temporarily
-Minor Bug Fixes

v2.0.1 HD : Advanced Directions Update
-All Items In v2.0.1
-Easy “How To Install” Video HD (Directory)
-“Quick Demo” Videos For Workshop
v2.0.1 : Advanced Directions Update
-Custom Manual Install Using “Mix & Match”
-Easy “How To Install” Video SD (Directory)
-“Downloading Map Builder” Video Added Here
-Minor Bug Fixes

v2.0 : Map Builder 2
-Map Builder 2 Trailer
Tools v2: (25)
-(Small Rectangle) Build Tool
-Interior Design Launch
-Exterior Tools Count (16)
-Interior Tools Count (9)
Workshop: (Launch)
-Builder Favorites -1.0
-Texture Lab (Mix & Match) -1.0
DLC & Enhancements:
-New Tools Added To Texture Packs
-Map Builder 2 – Update Guide
Remastered: (All Texture Packs)
-Redefined & Upscaled 4K Resolution
-MipMaps 13x Enhancements
-DXT 1 Algorithm Compression Applied
-Texture & LOD Distance (Performance Boost)
-Dynamic Shader & Memory Management (LOD)
-Terrain Tools Remastered
-Material Tools Remastered
-Interior Tools Remastered
Bug Fixes & Further Improvements:
-4K Texture Rendering (All PC’s)
-Prop Loading Performance Increased
-Draw Distance Factoring Applied
-Multiple Bug Fixes
-Renamed Terrain & Material tools to Exterior
-Renamed Diagonal Red Brick to Driveway
-Renamed Green Tile to Green Marble

v1.3.5 : Quick Fix
-Filesystem Fix

v1.3.4 : Patch 03
-ObjectList Fixed (expanded list items added back -preload)
-Extras DLC Launch
-Custom ObjectList (add to your ObjectList)
-Validated ObjectList (may remove valid objects by mistake)
-Minor Improvements
-Misplaced brkbottle_02g Fix

v1.3.3 : Big Update Info
-Screenshot Added

v1.3.2 : Directions Update
-Install mod through game folder not mod folder

v1.3.1 : Preload & Fix
-Preload (install before installing mod or dlc)
-brkbottle E Fix
-Fixed Installation Problems
-Minor Bug Fixes

v1.3 : Natural 4K Texture Pack
-Texture Packs DLC Launch
-Natural Textures For Each Tool
-Ultra 4K Texture Resolutions

v1.2.2 : Big Announcement
-Big Update & v1.3

v1.2.1 : Patch 02
-Updated ObjectList
-Redesigned ObjectList (Terrain > Materials)
-Validated & Optimized ObjectList (2 Scans)
-Stability Improvements

v1.2 : Terrain Tools Update
-Sand, Concrete, Cobblestone Terrain Tools
-Updated ObjectList
-Bug Fixes & Improvements

v1.1.1 : Patch 01
-Patch 01 DLC
-Bug Fixes & Improvements
-“Block Madness” Bug Fix

v1.1 : Preview Update
-Preview Folder
-HD Texture Previews
-Tools & Materials Log

v1.0 : Map Builder
-(Block) Build Tool
-(9) Map Build Objects (Block Style)
-Static Bounds For Build Objects
-GTA V Generated Textures
-ObjectList Updated For Map Editor
-Build Tools Are Now Sorted Top To Bottom
-OIV Script Format
-Instant Backup & File Cleaner
-Bug Fixes & Improvements
-Public Release Version

Credits: OmegaKingMods
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