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Add to Self Radio 1.8.1

It’s been two years since the last update, which is an unforgivable amount of time spent on such a small project. My apologies.

The 1.6.5 version will be available for download until 1.8.x is confirmed to run smoothly.

This is a small batch script (not that small anymore tbh) that adds songs to Self Radio by creating a context menu option which copies, moves or creates shortcuts to the Self Radio folder of Grand Theft Auto V.

Feel free to ask for help should a problem arise, you can also come with suggestions for future features, or just simply leave a comment about what you think .

If you’ve used older versions of this program before, it is recommended to uninstall those before using this. You will not lose any songs added to Self Radio by doing so.

Known issues:
– Cannot add songs with names containing exclamation marks (!) (No solution as of now, might be unfixable)
– Song names containing ampersand characters (&) can’t be restored if added with the MOVE option.
To be completely sure it’ll be able to restore moved songs, just make sure there are no special characters in the file name.
– Resizing the window completely f**ks up the UI (don’t do that). I don’t know if I’m going to be able to fix this or not.

By downloading this file you agree to the following:
1: I (RainBawZ) am not to blame if you damage your system or files through improper use and/or modification of this program.
2: You may modify this program as you wish, at your own risk, however if you’re uploading it or distributing it in any way, please credit me, but DO NOT upload or distribute by my name (RainBawZ).
3: You may not sell or distribute this file for any kind of payment.

1: Extract “SelfRadioAdd.bat” to any location on your computer
2: Run the program once and add the registry entry.
You may need administrator level permisson to create it.

3: You should now have the option to right click any .mp3 file and choose “Add to Self Radio”
4: Enjoy 😉
Some users might have to reboot the context menu changes to take effect.

– Improved update notes parsing.
– Removed debug text and related pauses.
– Improved update checking.

– New input method in the menus. Went from using SET /P to CHOICE. You shouldn’t have to hit enter after entering your choice in the menu.
– Added option to enable experimental updating. You can now get a notification whenever there’s an experimental version available. To enable it, edit SelfRadioAdd.bat and change ENABLE_EXPERIMENTAL_UPDATES to 1.
NOTE: Be careful not to add any additional data to the script as it will trigger the version checker and prompt you to reinstall the program.
– Added another “add” option. You can now choose to MOVE the file to the Self Radio folder in addition to making a shortcut or copying.
– Added option to restore moved files.
– Added improved uninstaller. It will delete all registry entries and files related to A2SR (Music files already added will not be touched). The uninstaller is created when the program setup is completed.
– Made the program install the context menu keys into Windows Groove regardless of the default media player. This hopefully fixes all context-menu related issues.
– Fixed a bug that caused the menu to not show up for users with spaces in their username. (Thanks to ‘DeadSonRIsingxD’ for reporting this issue)
– Fixed small bug where the program would look for updates twice when setting up for the first time.
– Fixed a bug that caused message popups to fail displaying if the home path contained spaces.
– Improved the way the program works when adding multiple files. It will no longer display the exact same message when adding multiple songs.
– Improved version checking. As of now it is very “strict”, meaning that editing the script will trigger a message prompting you to uninstall the old version before continuing.
NOTE: It triggers only if the file size has changed, if you edit but don’t add or remove any characters you should be good to go.
– New UI. Less mess, easier to read, now also with colouring. Sadly I had to sacrifice some UI draw speed for good looks, but it’s nothing significant.
– Reduced window size when UI is not needed.

– Removed the active code page addition from 1.6.3
– Added a fix for people that are unable to use the progrem due to special characters in their user path (Run Launch.bat located in the Tools folder). More detailed information is in the “Code Pages.txt” file located in the Tools folder
– The program now checks if the file actually is an mp3 file before adding, so that no files are put into the self radio folder by accident
– Added update checking in the Settings program
– Added option to change the preferred code page in the settings

– Changed the active code page to 1252 to hopefully fix the program not working with special characters in usernames. Let me know if you are experiencing issues.
– Removed duplicate :end labels, causing trouble when exiting the program.

– Fixed an issue where the program would assume an incorrect path when the username contained a space.

– Found a better way of finding the path to “My documents”, the issues where it would try looking in the incorrect location should now be gone.
– Troubleshooter now also collects user profile paths and the path to the “My documents” folder.
– Made the program clean up temporary files generated while running.

– Added troubleshooter (Located in the Tools folder): Gathers information about the registry and computer environment into a file that can be sent to my email [].
– Added update checker: Matches a version number on an online server to the one defined in the program and notifies the user if an update is available.
– Added some more logic to optimize execution and prevent errors
– Temporarily fixed issue where users with special characters in the username would be unable to change settings
– Fixed minor issues with the registry keys for Groove and Windows Media Player

– Fixed the WMP/Groove issue
– Small “under the hood” improvements

– Added current mode displaying
– Added title display when adding files
– Added some more code comments
– Fixed typo “run the run the uninstaller” in error message “The registry query for MODE returned an invalid value.”

– Cleaned up the display
– Added Shortcut mode
– Added possibility to switch modes, the action does not require administrator permissions.
– Added notifications about uninstalling old versions
– Added warning which will display upon installation for people using Windows Media Player/Groove (I can’t seem to find the source of the issue where the option won’t display)
– Added code comments for those of you that like to read through the source code.

– Fixed an issue where the program would crash without displaying error messages

– Fixed an issue causing the program to fail with custom user profile paths
– Created a temporary fix for people with special characters in the username. The issue was causing the program to prompt the user about path changes on every launch
– The program should now apply the registry changes automatically.
– Added more information to more error messages.

– Fixed an issue with the program failing to refresh the registry.
– Added more information to some error messages.

– Added file checking, now checks is the file is successfully added.
– Fixed the issues with file name displaying, file names containing spaces and special characters.
– Added error information to some error messages, feel free to post it here at this page if you run into problems.

– Fixed some minor issues involving display size and file name recognition.

– Made the program easier to uninstall. (See the Readme for more details)

Credits: RainBawZ
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