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Family-Friendly Free-Roaming 2.6.2

Looking for beta testers to help make sure everything is fine before the 3.0 the release. The by far biggest update yet.
This project aims for making roaming/exploring in GTA V a smoother experience, with less interrupting elements and no violence. Focus is on making the game have as little violence and disturbing content as possible but this can be customized in the configuration file if you like to activate violence for example.

Progress so far (the list might not be up to date and may change at any time)
Features are optional with the config file.
Main work and features (Settings can be turned on/off and some have more that one feature option)
1. The whole mod has been restructured, refactored and much of the code base revisited to be optimized.
2. A menu (inactived by default) for handling configuration files to make it easier to share configs and switch between them.
Default key is Delete and nav with num keys. Included controller support (no default values set).
Place your custom configuration files in the included folder called “FFFR” (folder placed in main GTAV folder)
and switch between them while playing. A few premade files are included.
Files can be renamed to whatever you like.
Make sure the main file exists in the main folder for the mod to work.
3. Work has been done to make the configuration file more readable. Many settings have been changed, removed and added. Note that old configuration files won’t work anymore.
4. Collisions with some objects removed.
5. Better muting of peds.
6. The phone will not be stuck anymore when text messages native script is terminated.
7. New feature which stops peds from smoking.
8. Reworked system for removing disturbing peds. Including more settings for which peds to remove.
9. Player and peds now got their own vehicle settings. Same goes for some other settings.
10. You now switch between Michael and Franklin instantly by pressing the switch character button twice from the game/ character selector.
More info: can_switch_player improved. You can now switch between Michael and Franklin when the switch player button is disabled. Also when using other models, ped models, pressing character switch turns you into Michael.
11. Disturbing objects are now removed. The list might be made longer.
More info: Setting added for removal of disturbing objects. Report more if you find any. This setting also solves an issue with appinternet script termination affecting unrelated game features because it removes
computers. If you have the internet script set to be turned off and use a computer, shops etc.
will stop working since it’s apparently is affecting them too.
12. Notification added upon config change.
13. Improved police chasing (needs to be enabled in the configuration file).
14. Added scanners to help when testing and finding references to peds, vehicles, objects and pickups.
15. New setting for vehicle auto unlocked. It can now be turned off.
16. Backup of player’s clothes is created after game starts and loads. If no backup is found when pressing the character switch,
a set of default clothes are set. The backup is not stored between game sessions.
17. Replacing peds instead of just removing them.
18. Map out of bounds check and teleportation of player if outside.
19. Support added for inactive settings in addition to the true and false states.
20. Items being held by peds should no longer be removed without reason.
21. Better police chasing and included test config.
22. Teleportation feature
23. Give player copy of closest ped’s skin feature.
24. Drive on the sea floor.
25. First version of mission suppression. Only prologue by default.
26. Jump with your car with sprint, amount of force depending on your engine power.

Some of the minor changes:
WEAPON_PETROLCAN added to allowed weapons.
Max_police_vehicle_speed fixed.
Better check of null values.
Fixed issue with wanted level.
Weapon references updated.
Fixed issue with text messages.
Fixed relative player heading after unstuck.
Vehicle water handling now also affects ped’s vehicles
Fixed issue with stop_cutscenes

Planned changes to the default configuration file for the released version:
– Radio will be set to be completely off.
– Menu will be by default set to off.

Future work (this may change at any time):

Making tutorial videos:
– Introduction and background
– Terminology
– Prerequisites and Basic Installation
– Optional Complementary mods.
– Removal of disturbing game features.
– Added features.
Some are activated automatically, some by your actions in game and by pressing keys or buttons.
– Configuration files.

Making blood invisible when it’s made possible to show.
Adding jobs.
More fun features.
Improving the home radio feature.
Traffic rules

Credits: R3QQ
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